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Northern Utah Depends on Our Sprinkler Spring Start-Ups

The coming seasons of greenery and growth prompt the start of lawn care. That means residents and businesses of Bountiful, UT who need sprinkler spring start-ups call upon Oberg Irrigation. We’re sprinkler specialists with abundant knowledge and expertise for year-round care of your sprinkler system. Our team will provide the custom start-up services to get your system up and running again to ensure a beautiful lawn and plant life as the heavy coats go back in the closet to hibernate.


Tips for Starting Your System in Springtime

Oberg Irrigation will help you get started in the spring with our sprinkler start-up services. A few elements to keep in mind as the weather warms up include the following:

Avoid watering until it’s needed

In the areas throughout the Wasatch Front in Utah, you don’t typically have to start watering your lawn until mid-May. Overwatering is a common problem with residents. An estimated 80% of the area’s landscapes end up getting more water than they require for healthy growth.

Watch out for freezing temperatures

You want to be cautious about freezing temperatures as springtime starts to warm the climate. When a mainline is above-ground and exposed to the temperatures and maintains constant pressure it can freeze. So, you need to keep an eye on that. If your system is all underground, then it should be fine.

Check your entire system, including all the sprinkler heads

When starting up your sprinkler system again, keep a watchful eye on all the components and how they’re operating. Let the sprinkler zone build pressure and be sure to check and take note of every sprinkler head. If you identify any issues with how your system is functioning, give us a call.

Adjust your timer as needed

The widespread temperature variations of springtime alters the amount of water your lawn needs depending on the climate. When the weather is cooler, you should adjust your time, so the system runs less often. During warmer weather, increase the time your system runs. Overwatering your lawn is a waste of water and raises your utility bill.

Stay on Top of Spring Lawncare

Don’t risk a bad start-up in the springtime that could lead to damaged parts or ineffective watering. Oberg Irrigation will help you get your sprinkler system running without any problem in Bountiful, UT with our sprinkler spring start-up services. Give us a call today to schedule your start-up, and you can enjoy the return of warm, sunny weather from the comfort of your beautiful, thriving residential or commercial landscape.

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