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Save With Drip Line Installations in Bountiful, UT

The benefits of a drip line installation in Bountiful, UT are plentiful, and Oberg Irrigation can help you attain savings and convenience. You’re no longer concerned with overflooding an area and killing your plants because drip lines release a much smaller amount of water for gradual supplementing. You’ll also save an immense amount on utilities since drip lines release water that’s measured in gallons per hour, as opposed to sprinkler system’s gallons per minute. The precision of water delivery also ensures that water released is never wasted.

Drip Line Installations

Ideal Spots for Drip Lines

With the benefits of drip lines for your plant watering needs, you might wonder where you would put them for the best results. There isn’t just one answer, because many areas of gardening and landscaping find drip lines an advantageous method of hydration. Some of those areas include:

Flower Beds and Vegetable Gardens

Taller flowers and plants strongly benefit from drip irrigation, since their height typically interferes with sprinkler heads. Vegetables respond well to flood irrigation, so you can pull fewer weeds and water them at any time.


To get water right to the spot where shrub can best absorb it, a drip line delivers hydration to a specific region of soil and fits underneath the branches and leaves. For landscaping that uses shrubbery in its design, the precise feeding of water is an easy solution.

Flower Pots

Using a sprinkler head to water your flower pots is like using a sledgehammer to kill a fly, while manually watering each individual pot is tedious and time-consuming, depending on how many plants you have. With drip lines, you can run a line to water each potted plant with ease.

Sensitive Spots

Worries surrounding your irrigation system pooling water in sensitive areas, like by your basement, can be rectified very easily by installing drip lines. They can prevent overwatering and deliver the right amount of water suitable to sustain the plants' life.

Reduce Your Footprint with Drip Irrigation

Waste not by calling Oberg Irrigation in Bountiful, UT for drip line installations throughout the Davis, Weber, Summit, and Salt Lake counties. You can use significantly less water while delivering the hydration your plants need. Give us a call today to set up an installation at your property. We’ll make sure you get the watering your garden beds need without flooding the soil.

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